A brighter future starts with a powerful vision

Investing in the equity of a company consists of taking a view on its future and in assigning it a value. The same applies more broadly to assessing global stock markets when aiming to build durable and diversified portfolios. At Thematics Asset Management, we are convinced that incorporating sustainable investment criteria and applying a thematic lens to equity investing helps differentiate our products and improve our investment performance.


Our identity

Thematics AM is a firm fully dedicated to thematic investing, with partners who have been pioneers in the field.

Thematic investing enables investors to link their vision of the world and its evolution directly to their investments. Applying a thematic lens to investing helps home in on tectonic shifts shaping tomorrow’s world, affecting companies as well as the flow of money.

EUR 3 bn under management

8 thematic strategies

22 employees

Source : Thematics Asset Management as of August 31, 2022

Our philosophy

At Thematics AM, we use a thematic lens to look at the world in our quest to generate sustainable risk-adjusted excess returns over the long-term.

Four major pillars define our philosophy.

Secular growth

Our strengths lie in our ability to identify and develop investment themes derived from four ‘Primary Forces’: Demographics, Technological advances, (De) Globalization and Resource Scarcity are the root causes of “tectonic” shifts shaping tomorrow’s world, affecting companies and the flow of money.


We focus on few segments of the global equity market enjoying long-term secular growth underpinned by structural and long-lasting forces. Our thematic investable universes are well-defined and reasonably sized. Our concentrated yet diversified thematic portfolio comprise, based on the research of our portfolio manager/analyst.


Our fundamental and bottom-up investment approach is un-benchmarked, as we think a forward-looking portfolio is best suited to identify future winners whereas indexes favour winners of the past. Our portfolio consequently has a low overlap and a high active share compared to global equity indexes, therefore adding diversification to an existing global equity exposure.


The non-financial criteria we consider when making our investment decisions, particularly in relation to socially responsible management, are crucial in de-risking the portfolio and delivering excess returns. Our ESG approach is core to each step of our process.

Discover our Values

Thematic investing is intended to achieve a targeted and precise exposure to the entire value chain of an enduring theme with growth prospects. Investing today in tomorrow’s winners cannot be done without opting for an active rather than passive approach to investing.

Client Centricity

With an alignment of interests allied to an openness to client dialogue, we place equal value on all clients and believe that integrity and transparency will lead to long term results.


Having been established as an entrepreneurial venture by the founders, it is important that all employees find support for the development for new ideas. 


We believe that innovation goes hand-in-glove with entrepreneurship, and feel that innovative ideas, where appropriate, should be developed. 


We believe that by extending our sector-specific expertise into other areas of our business, and by maintaining high standards in all our activities, that we can foster an environment of excellence.


Meet our team

Our team is dedicated to providing a high-quality and personalised service. 


Nolan Hoffmeyer

Co-Manager of Thematics Subscription Economy strategy

Mohammed Amor

President & CEO

Pierre-Alexis François

Co-Manager of Thematics Wellness strategy

Arnaud Bisschop

Co-Manager of Thematics Water strategy

Alexandre Zilliox

Co-Manager of Thematics AI & Robotics strategy

Matthieu Rolin

Co-Manager of Thematics Safety strategy

Walid Azar Atallah

Co-Manager of Thematics Subscription Economy strategy

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